StarVista is a nonprofit organization that has been helping people throughout San Mateo County navigate life’s challenges for over 55 years. Our counseling, case management, skill development, and crisis prevention programs reach tens of thousands of people in our community each year.

We work closely with local governments to fill unmet needs, partner with schools to connect directly with young people, and collaborate with other non-profit organizations to share expertise and best practices. From substance abuse and thoughts of suicide to domestic traumas and homelessness, we help people persevere and transform some of life’s toughest situations into personal victories.

As an organization committed to continuous improvement, we pride ourselves on setting the standard for care and being open to new, innovative methods that improve client outcomes. Our clinicians use evidence-based approaches that focus on the unique needs of each individual and situation. Our dedication to ongoing training, learning, and accountability is why organizations across the country turn to us for insight and guidance—and we’re always happy to help.

With over 200 highly trained employees, multiple internship opportunities, and more than 40 ongoing projects with the County and other support organizations, the work we do is making a real difference. And with a ratio of one staff member to every three clients, our hands-on approach supports our clients every step of the way. At the end of the day, we measure success by how we help people grow, thrive, and live the life they want.